It’s cute to see squirrels from afar as they eat acorns, scurry around and play with their toys. These cute, bushy-tailed critters are not to be underestimated. Your roof can be damaged by their sharp claws or teeth. KCG’s roof repair specialists have a lot of experience dealing with squirrel attacks. We are happy to share our knowledge and offer tips on keeping squirrels away from your roof. KCG Roofing and Carpentry can help you with any roof repairs or replacements. We can schedule your appointment.

Long, Large Tree Branches

Squirrels are known to love trees. Squirts can gain access to your roof by climbing on large, long tree branches that extend over your roof. Not only are they good for the tree’s aesthetic, but also for its health. Squirts can be kept away from your roof by reducing the branches and limbs of trees near your home.

Install Squirrel Guardians

As we mentioned, squirrels love to jump from tree to roof. To protect your roof, you can trim long and overarching branches from trees. Squirt guards can also be installed. The cone-shaped devices are placed around tree trunks and squirrels have difficulty climbing them. Squirrel Guards are affordable and can be purchased at your local hardware shop. You can make them yourself using wire and sheet metal. Be careful when handling sharp metals.

Check the Gutters

Although squirrels nest in underground burrows or trees, they can also nest in trees. Squirrels can adapt to urban environments where they have limited natural options by hiding in buildings and homes. These furry creatures love to hide in gutters and fascia boards that are damaged. Nesting can be prevented by regularly inspecting your gutters. It is recommended that gutters be cleaned at least once a month. This will keep squirrels away and your roof in top condition.

Cover Wires & Cables

Squirrels can also climb on wires and cables to reach roofs. This simple trick will help you eliminate their access to wires and cables. To cover wires and cables, cut 2-foot lengths of PVC pipe. These pipes can spin quickly when squirrels try to climb over them, knocking them off.

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