Considering Getting Solar Panels?

Solar panels are not just for hippies. Solar panels are a great way to save money and the planet. They are now cheaper and more effective than ever. Congress also extended a 30% federal tax credit to help you install them until 2024. Depending on where you live, solar panels can be paid for in five years. Are they right for you? This is a question that should raise more questions. Before you make a decision, ask yourself these questions.

Questions About Your Home

How does your roof tilt? Due to the United States’ location in relation to the sun and its efficiency, south-facing roofs produce the most solar energy. West-facing roofs are next, followed by east-facing roofs. Many people avoid north-facing roofs because they are not ideal for solar.

Are your roof panels shaded? In an ideal world, the sun should shine on your panels at least five hours per day. Trees, hills, or other buildings that block sunlight from reaching your roof can be a problem. Remember A tall building next door could be a problem, especially in a city.

What size roof do you have? A kilowatt solar system requires 100 square feet. The average size of a residential solar system is five Kilowatts, 20 panels. You would need approximately 500 square feet to do this.

What angle is your roof at? While 30 degrees is the ideal angle for solar panels, they can also be installed on roofs from zero to 45 degrees. Flat roof solar panels are best installed on tilted racks. The sun might not reach the far end of your roof if it is steeply pitched. To see the truth, you should inspect your roof every day.

What kind of roofing does your home have? It is easiest to install solar panels onto asphalt shingles or corrugated steel roofs. It is more difficult and more expensive to install them on tile or slate roofs. A wood shake roof may not be allowed by your jurisdiction because it could cause fire hazards.

How old are your roofs? Most solar systems last between 25 and 30 years. This means that your roof should be able to withstand solar panels for many years. If you want to replace them, you will have to remove them temporarily.

Which size system is best? Salespeople are sometimes unrealistic about the amount of power that a solar system can produce. You should do the calculations yourself with the PVWatts Calculator from the Energy Department. A five-kilowatt system produces 7,000 kilowatt-hours annually.

How long will you be living in the house? Because it is difficult to know how potential buyers will value solar panels and whether or not you will recoup your investment, it’s best to plan ahead.

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