What are the top tricks and tips to maintain WPC flooring

What are the top tricks and tips to maintain WPC flooring?

WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) flooring has become a popular choice among homeowners due to its durability and easy maintenance. It is a synthetic flooring option made from a combination of wood fiber, plastic, and some additives. WPC flooring is waterproof and resistant to scratches and stains, making it perfect for high-traffic areas of the house. To keep your WPC flooring looking its best, here are some top tricks and tips for maintaining it:

Sweep and vacuum regularly

The first step in maintaining your WPC flooring is to keep it free from dirt and debris. Sweep or vacuum your floor regularly to remove any loose particles that may scratch the surface. Avoid using a beater bar on your vacuum as this can damage the floor.

Use a damp mop

WPC flooring is waterproof, so it is safe to use a damp mop to clean it. Mix a mild detergent with warm water and mop the floor in sections. Make sure not to leave any standing water on the floor as this can cause damage over time.

Clean up spills immediately

Spills happen, but it is important to clean them up as soon as possible. Use a dry cloth to soak up any excess liquid, then clean the area with a damp mop. Do not let spills sit on the floor for long periods as this can cause staining.

Use floor protectors

Furniture can scratch or dent your WPC flooring. To prevent this, use floor protectors under the legs of your furniture. You can find these protectors at most home improvement stores.

Avoid harsh chemicals

Harsh chemicals such as bleach, ammonia, and abrasive cleaners can damage your WPC flooring. Use a mild detergent when cleaning and avoid anything that contains harsh chemicals.

Use doormats

Place doormats at the entrance of your home to trap dirt and debris before it enters your home. This will prevent dirt from scratching the surface of your WPC flooring.

Avoid high heels

High heels can cause damage to your WPC flooring. The pressure from the heel can cause dents or scratches on the surface. Encourage your guests to remove their shoes before entering your home.

Buff out scratches

If you notice scratches on your WPC flooring, don’t panic. You can use a fine-grit sandpaper to buff out the scratches. Be gentle and take your time to avoid causing further damage.

Protect from sunlight

Direct sunlight can cause your WPC flooring to fade over time. Use curtains or blinds to protect your flooring from the sun’s harmful rays.

Schedule professional cleaning

While WPC flooring is easy to maintain, it is still a good idea to schedule professional cleaning once a year. Professional cleaning will help to remove any deep-seated dirt and stains and keep your flooring looking like new.

In conclusion, WPC flooring is a durable and low-maintenance option for your home. By following these tips, you can keep your flooring looking its best for years to come. Remember to sweep and vacuum regularly, use a damp mop, clean up spills immediately, use floor protectors, avoid harsh chemicals, use doormats, avoid high heels, protect from sunlight, and schedule professional cleaning. With these tricks and tips, you can enjoy your WPC flooring without any worries.