Water Mitigation Vs. Water Damage Restoration: Knowing the Difference


Keeping residents dry is one of the most important functions of any house. However, sometimes unwanted water can strike the living space without any notice. For instance, a leaking pipe may burst, flooding the basement, or the roof leaks due to a spring storm. In such a case with a person’s home, he might be looking for ways to control and fix water damage. Water mitigation and water restoration hartland are two effective methods for the same. Even though these two work in conjunction, they are different processes and happen at different times. This article covers the difference between water mitigation and restoration. 

What is Water Mitigation?

Water mitigation is about stopping the water flow, assessing the mitigation solutions required, pumping out the water, and drying out the building. The professional water mitigation efforts can include:

  • Assessing the structure’s stability.
  • Removing water-damaged items, like furniture, carpeting, electronic appliances, etc.
  • Assessing the type and level of water damage, whether clear, grey, or black. 
  • Disinfecting the house and remaining materials
  • Using pumps and commercial-grade vacuums to extract water.
  • Using large fans to dry out the property.

What is Water Damage Restoration?

Water damage restoration is all about fixing and restoring the water-damaged property. It’s always done after water mitigation. Professional water restoration hartland service intends to restore the home to its original condition. The water restoration process includes the following listed tasks:

  • Removing water-damaged structural elements like drywall.
  • Pulling out and disposing of water-damaged floor covering.
  • Replacing or restoring water-damaged subfloor, doors, roof, or windows. 
  • Performing mound remediation process.
  • Testing for moisture to ensure that all structural elements, items, and the property are completely dry.

Water Mitigation vs. Water Damage Restoration

Water Mitigation Water Damage Restoration
Water Mitigation is undertaken to prevent further water damage, protect the damaged property, and keep family members safe. Water restoration is a process undertaken to repair existing water damage to the house and restore it to its original condition.
It takes place during or immediately after the water damage event. It takes place after the water damage event.
It doesn’t involve replacing the property. It involves repairing the property and replacing the damaged items.
Water damaged property is often removed and fixed or discarded. New items like building materials, carpeting, etc., are added to the water damaged home to restore it to its original state.
It is a temporary stop-gap solution to water damage. It is a permanent solution and ensures no further water damage to the property.

Cost of Water Mitigation and Water Damage Restoration

The cost of water mitigation and water damage restoration varies depending on the home’s size, type of water event, and extent of water damage. On average, the water mitigation cost ranges from $13,00 to $5,200 and water restoration cost is between $15,00 and $6,000.


Now that time is of the essence in the event of water damage; it’s often best to hire water restoration hartland professionals. Always look for professionals who can provide water mitigation and damage restoration solutions. Water mitigation professionals can quickly extract water, and restoration professionals can restore damaged property.