Living in Sarasota: Engaging with Cultural and Natural History

Are you thinking about moving to the Southwest of Florida? Sarasota, FL, is ranked the best place to live and work, especially due to its stunning weather and captivating beaches. Although the housing market here is fast-paced, working with a reputable agent guarantees your chances of finding the best waterfront homes for sale in Sarasota. Furthermore, Sarasota, FL, has an entire catalog of things to do besides peaceful living. Here are some you should try:

The Siesta Key Village

The Siesta Key Beach is popular for its white sand and clear waters.  Although the beach is the main attraction on the island, you can also spend a leisurely day in the Siesta Key Village. Here, you can explore various shops, go for a spa treatment, or drink local cocktails while relaxing at the bar. The Siesta Key Village is a fun hub, and there is no shortage of dining choices, especially those that serve local seafood. You can take your family to this neighborhood and enjoy the beach scenery from the village.

The South Florida Museum

You’ll find something amazing in the South Florida Museum, from astronomy to archeology. Located just 20 km from Sarasota, this museum exhibit engages you with Florida’s natural and cultural history. Here, you will check out the skeletal Mastodon and the manatees at the aquarium.

Marie Selby Botanical Gardens

The garden is spread over 15 acres and is home to tens of thousands of plants and trees. It’s perfect for just wandering around, enjoying fresh scented air, and enjoying the floral scenery. You can relax in the butterfly garden or set your kids loose in the children’s bamboo and rainforest gardens. Here, you will find a wide variety of epiphyte species, including orchids, ferns, and bromeliads.

The Ringling Museum of Art

 Located in the home of popular circus entrepreneur John Ringling and his wife Mable, this museum features a massive collection of art and artifacts. It also features antiquities and Asian art, with more than 300 paintings by Ancient Master artists, plus numerous circus art pieces and artifacts.  

The Lido Key Beach

Are you ready for sea-breezy rest at an idyllic white-sand beach? If so, roll out your beach blanket, pitch your umbrella, and enjoy quality time at Lido Key Beach. This is another beautiful beach in Sarasota, with calm waters perfect for swimming. Here, you can try a bit of surfing as you walk in the nearby St Armand’s Circle.

Find Your Dream Home With An Experienced Agent

As proven above, there are many fun and interesting things to do in Sarasota, FL. Living here, you will have numerous places to visit with your family and enjoy quality time together as you learn Sarasota’s history. If you’re set to start exploring luxury homes in Sarasota, contact the Kim Ogilvie team for expert guidance. The Kim Ogilvie team comprises sales experts, website managers, and professional real estate agents familiar with the Sarasota real estate market and everything it offers. This team will give you the resources and guidance needed during home-buying. Don’t derail your home-owning dream in Sarasota. Call them today and get started.