La Quinta Lifestyle: Discover The Best Things To Do In La Quinta CA

If you dream of living in a desert getaway offering a perfect blend of relaxation and excitement, La Quinta should top your list. Nestled at the heart of California, this picturesque hamlet has fantastic outdoors and stunning architectural marvels. Besides, La Quinta homes for sale are highly sought-after, considering they offer a glimpse of a peaceful, luxurious lifestyle. Furthermore, each La Quinta neighborhood is uniquely designed to allow residents to enjoy outdoor recreation from every city corner. In this guide, you will discover the top 5 things to do with your family in La Quinta. Read on!

1. Explore the La Quinta Museum

In its unique way, the La Quinta Museum is an aesthetic charm that displays the city’s history and culture. The Spanish colonial revival building features exhibits about the local history, culture, and arts. Furthermore, this free museum will help you discover the origins of La Quinta and its first inhabitants. The dioramas of Cahuilla Indian Village, the desert landscape, and the native animals of La Quinta will stimulate you. For anything regarding the history of this charming city, visiting the museum during summer is an excellent way to spend quality time with family.

2. Consider Hiking the Captivating Santa Rosa Mountains

If you’re a nature enthusiast, you will have enough options to enjoy the spectacular views of La Quinta. While there are multiple nature trails in this vibrant city, one of the must-visit spots is the La Quinta Cove Hike.  This occasion gives you a lifetime opportunity to enjoy the breathtaking mountain views as you unwind and exercise.

3. Go shopping at Old Town La Quinta

This fantastic shopping spot is at the foot of the Santa Rosa Mountains, encompassing California’s architectural charm and village atmosphere. This upscale shopping center has elegant boutiques, art galleries, charming cafes, wine-tasting bars, and gourmet dining joints. Also, you will encounter offices and businesses upstairs in the shopping center. The market is also an excellent place to do morning yoga as you chat with the locals and shop for fresh products, artisan crafts, and more.

4. Relax at La Quinta resort and club

No other place compares with the La Quinta Resort in matters of relaxing and unwinding. This premier facility features private casitas, luxury suits, world-class spas, unique restaurants, luxury suits, and top-notch swimming pools. Besides, the over 45-acre piece houses spectacular golf courses and an excellent space for yoga retreats. If you want to experience endless flowerbeds underneath palm trees, don’t hesitate to visit the La Quinta resort and club.

5.     Visit the Joshua Tree National Park

Nestled approximately 1 hour drive from La Quinta, the Joshua Tree Park is an excellent way to take your outdoor experience to another level. You’ll enjoy quality time with your loved ones here as you walk, hike, and rock climb. Also, you can relax beneath the twisted tree-like plants in the park.

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