HVAC Filters: Basic Types

Cleaning your home is on top of the list of the most important things for most people. One of the major concerns that people report is regarding the quality of their indoor environment. People try different ways to make and keep their indoor environment healthy, among which using HVAC filters are on top. 

High-quality HVAC filters are crucial to maintaining the healthy and clean quality of any indoor environment. Apart from that, filters, no matter how good quality, are extremely vulnerable to getting dirty. This is why experts recommend changing them every 90 days. 

Another thing regarding HVAC filters is that people find it incredibly hard to choose from the wide variety of options available on the market. They have a hard time deciding which HVAC filters to go for. The same happens when their HVAC filters need repairing or some upgrading. To avoid such confusion, you need to know the basic types of HVAC filters. 

These are the most commonly used HVAC filters:

High-Efficiency Particulate Absorbing (HEPA) Filters

These filters are regarded as the best because of their powerful protection against any dust or airborne particles. Their capacity for catching and trapping airborne particles is incredible, somewhere around 0.3 microns. They can catch more than 99% of airborne particles. 

Another proof of their best quality is their outstanding MERV rating of 17-20. If you are looking for a HEPA filter for your home’s HVAC systems, they may not be a good option due to the sizing of residential HVAC systems. 

In that case, you would need some modifications to your home HVAC systems. If that’s the case, remplacement climatisation Entreprise B.Air is the best option you have got.

Reusable Air Filters

These filters can clean easily, and you can reuse them over and over again. However, there are some things about reusable filters that you must know. The problem is that these HVAC filters may be very expensive. Also, their MERV rating is very low, somewhere around 1-4. So, they often become the victims of mildew and mold. 

Flat-Paneled Fiberglass Filters

These filters are made of fiberglass and grate and are among the disposable types of HVAC filters. If you are looking for high MERV filters, these may not satisfy you. However, they are really good for simple filtrations. 


High-quality HVAC filters of your HVAC systems are absolutely crucial for maintaining the quality of your indoor environment. Choose them carefully and according to your needs. Also, make sure you repair them with the help of reliable HVAC experts.