How to Move a Refrigerator the Right Way

Moving a refrigerator can be a daunting task due to its size, weight, and the fact that it’s an expensive and delicate appliance. However, with the right preparation and tools, you can move your refrigerator safely and efficiently. Here are step-by-step guidelines to help you move a refrigerator the right way.

Materials and Tools:

Appliance dolly or hand truck

Moving straps

Moving blankets or furniture pads


Bungee cords


Empty and Clean the Refrigerator:

Empty the contents of your refrigerator and freezer. Use this opportunity to discard expired or unwanted items. Once emptied, clean the inside to prevent unpleasant odors during transit.

Unplug and Defrost:

Unplug your refrigerator at least 24 hours before moving to allow it time to defrost. This will prevent water from leaking during the move.

Secure Interior Parts:

Remove any loose components like shelves, drawers, or ice trays. If they can’t be removed, secure them with tape to prevent movement or damage during the move.

Protect the Exterior:

Wrap your refrigerator with moving blankets or furniture pads to protect it from dents and scratches. Secure the padding with moving straps or bungee cords. Make sure the doors are secured shut, but don’t forget to allow air to circulate inside to prevent odors.

Position the Dolly:

Tilt the refrigerator slightly and slide the appliance dolly underneath it. Ensure it’s centered on the dolly for stability. Once positioned, carefully tilt the dolly back so the refrigerator is resting on it.

Secure the Refrigerator to the Dolly:

Use moving straps to secure the refrigerator to the dolly. Ensure it’s tight and secure, but be careful not to warp or dent the refrigerator.

Move with Caution:

Always move the refrigerator in an upright position. Tipping it on its side can cause damage to the cooling system. If you need to navigate stairs, it’s best to have at least two people managing the load.

Transport and Unload:

When transporting, ensure the refrigerator doesn’t shift during the ride. Upon reaching the destination, carefully unload the refrigerator from the dolly and position it in its new spot.

Wait Before Plugging In:

Once your refrigerator is in its new location, wait at least 3 hours before plugging it back in. This allows the fluids and gases in the cooling system to settle, preventing any potential damage.

Moving a refrigerator may seem like a daunting task, but with proper planning, tools, and care, it can be done effectively. Remember to take your time, and if in doubt, don’t hesitate to hire professionals to ensure your refrigerator arrives in perfect working condition in its new home.

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