How Do Plumbers Clear Blockages From Drains? 

Finding a clogged drain in your bathroom or kitchen sink first thing each morning is one of the most annoying things that can happen. Clogged drains really aren’t limited to the bathroom or kitchen; they can occur anywhere water drains are present, including the washing machine, the bathtub, your shower, and the toilet. Although a clogged drain could seem like a major problem, in most situations it just affects one machine in a single bathroom.

A call should be made if water in a sink or bathtub refuses to drain despite the owner’s having gone through the steps on the DIY list for removing unblock drains molesey. They’ll dispatch an expert who can clean your sewer line or drain for you. While waiting until we arrive, let’s have a look at the differences between DIY drain cleaning and having a professional clear your molesey drains.

How Professional Plumbers Clean Your Drains

· A Drain Snake On A Rope:

Small, dull tools called drain snakes, plumber snakes, or drain augers are manually forced into an obstruction while slowly turning. Also known as drain augers. Once the device has been passed through a clogged drain and toilet, the corkscrew-like hook can be used to free the obstruction; turning the grip on the drum of a drain snake rotates the hooked end of a snake, allowing more of the snake to be pushed into the drain.

· Powerful Serpentine-Shaped Draining System:

A motorised drain snake is called in when the clog is too far down the drain line for the manual drainage snake to reach, or if the backup is too stubborn to be released without mechanical aid. Electric motors allow powered snakes to maintain a constant spin and added thrust, allowing them to travel up to 150 feet on the ground a ditch or sewer pipe.

· Hydraulic Jetting Equipment:

When we get to the point of using the hydro-jetting equipment, we will be able to say that we have tried everything from a plumber’s snake to a drain camera. Up until that point, we’ve just relied on the transitional resources. Filth, soap scum, as well as other unattractive deposits can be flushed out of your drainage system with the use of elevated water jets that have been there for years.

· Bracknell Drainage Services 

At any moment, you can be faced with a situation where you need to fix a complicated drain issue. Skilled drain specialists can help you out in an emergency or if you’re just curious about the bracknell drain services provided by a drain maintenance firm. We send highly trained specialists in fully equipped, liveried vehicles with high-pressure hydro jetting equipment to clear your blocked drain in Bracknell as soon as possible. As well, they’ll show up when they say they will.


It’s not just the bathroom and kitchen that might suffer from a clogged drain. In addition to the aforementioned locations, the toilet, washer and dryer, bathtub, and shower are all susceptible. The use of a drain auger or a manually operated drain snake might be helpful when attempting to clear a clogged drain. A motorised drain snake can go as deep as 150 feet, but no beyond. To remove years’ worth of dirt, soap scum, as well as other unsightly deposits from the plumbing pipes, uses a high-pressure water jet.