Fountain Hills Living: 6 Easy Everyday Tips to Help You Maintain Your Outdoor Plumbing

Named for the McDowell Mountains surrounding it and its breathtaking fountain, Fountain Hills is a vibrant upscale community of 25,000 welcoming neighbourhoods. Its setting in the hills, however, means that living in Fountain Hills can mean colder and longer winters. As a homeowner, winter means a lot of things, including plumbing problems if you are not careful. Here are six easy practices to help keep your plumbing running during those cold months.  

Winterize Outdoor Fixtures

Your outdoor plumbing fixtures get the worst of the weather during winter, exposed to the rain, cold, and other elements. As you visit homes for sale in Fountain Hills, you will notice that most homeowners lay some protection over their pipes, sprinklers, and taps during the cold months. The goal is to prevent problems like burst pipes, which happen when pipes freeze. Some things you can do include installing insulation or faucet covers, shutting off the valves that lead to your outdoor faucets, draining outside water, and insulating your pipes with foam or heat tape. 

Inspect and Clean Outdoor Faucets

Outdoor faucets are already at a heightened risk of leaks due to their location and susceptibility to the elements. In addition to draining and shutting them off during winter, inspect them for leaks, cracks, and tears. Check whether they drip when shut off and refer any problems to a professional. Addressing these problems before winter can help prevent more significant issues.

Inspect and Clean Gutters Regularly

Gutters help maintain proper water flow in your home. Damaged gutters can cause flooding, problems with the foundation, water backup, and other problems. To prevent these issues, which can exacerbate in winter, clean and inspect your gutters regularly to ensure water is flowing correctly. Make sure your downspouts face away from the outdoor fixtures to prevent water damage.

Clear Vegetation and Debris

Accumulated debris and overgrown vegetation can obstruct outdoor plumbing fixtures and cause damage or blockages. Because you cannot trim the vegetation and sweep outside in winter, you should clear vegetation and debris well before. This includes all twigs, leaves, and dirt pileups strewn near your plumbing fixtures that could easily shift.  

Practice Caution When Landscaping

A key selling point of homes in the Fountain Hills real estate market is the stunning surroundings. Consequently, landscaping projects are common, with many homeowners wanting to emphasise the outside of their homes as much as the inside. However, landscaping projects pose a risk to your plumbing, and you can cause pipe damage by digging in the wrong place. Always hire a professional to identify all your utility lines before you start any project.

Schedule Professional Maintenance

Regular maintenance will help you prevent many problems, but nothing beats professional plumbing services. Right before winter, schedule an inspection with a qualified plumber to identify and fix potential issues that could leave you without water in the winter. 

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Maintaining your outdoor plumbing saves you thousands of dollars in repair costs and raises the value of your home, which is crucial if you ever want to sell your property. If you need expert advice on renovation code, selling, or buying a home in Fountain Hills, contact Dori Wittrig today.