Dual Motor Versus Single Motor Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk – That Will You Get?

Well, it’s official, lots of sitting lower isn’t ideal for the.

You probably already understood that anyways, but just to obtain apparent, should you spend over our limits time sitting lower for prolonged times, you exit yourself susceptible to a variety of health problems and ailments including:

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Being obese

Bad posture

Neck discomfort

Back discomfort

Chronic discomfort

Hip issues

Poor versatility

Considering the variety of people now spending each of their business days using a desk before your pc for several hrs each day, you are able to understand why chiropractors are busier than previously, and why being obese levels are stored on the up.

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To combat these issues, increasingly more more offices and workplaces are selecting standing desks, that’s these we are searching at today.

Precisely what are standing desks?

Standing desks are, in their simplest form, desks that you simply stand at although working, as opposed to sitting at.

The desks are adjustable tall, usually getting a dual or single motor (a little more about that shortly) and allow you to put your laptop, tablet, monitor, documents, as well as other things for instance, upright within the perfect height to meet your requirements.

Although using a desk, many people obtain monitors or laptops inside the wrong height, whereby they are searching lower lots of, and so they experience neck issues and posture issues as time tick by.

Up to now as the way a desk adjusts, typically they’re electronic and work from whether single, or maybe a dual motor.

Dual motor or single motor?

Now we’ll check out whether you have to pick a standing desk getting only one motor or maybe a dual motor.

The following are a few facts to consider when selecting a standing desk.

Speed and strength factors

To start with, you have to think about the rate and strength within the motor for your standing desk.

Now, many individuals think that a dual motor is a lot more effective and quicker than simply one motor, however , that is not always the issue.

The factor is, the rate and strength in the motor depends upon producer, though typically dual motor standing desks will adjust significantly quicker than single motor desks, for pretty apparent reasons.

However, the closer you’re going to get for that max weight capacity, the slower the desk will adjust. So, in situation your standing desk includes a computer, printer, monitor, and piles of documents, the heavier jobs are, the slower it will be to handle.

Should you use lots of heavy equipment, just one motor standing desk might not work.

Cost factors

If you are a business searching to buy standing desks for the workplace, you need to keep in mind that standing desks may vary hugely in relation to cost.

If you’re within a strict budget, single motor standing desks are really less pricey than dual motor desks. Nevertheless they cannot always cope with heavy loads and they also typically takes longer to handle.

Across the flipside, top quality dual motor standing desks adjust significantly faster and may handle excess fat, however are certainly more pricey.


In the perfect world, it’s good if let’s suppose certain specific kind of desk is much more reliable in comparison with other, however that just is not the problem.