Benefits of Refacing Your Kitchen Cabinets

Over time; the doors, drawers, hinges, handles of kitchen cabinets deteriorate and start looking unappealing. You might be considering getting a renovation or buying new cabinets. However; if your cabinet structure and base is in good condition; you do not have to change your cabinets from scratch. Building new cabinets is a long-drawn process. You need to connect with contractors, get measurements, choose material; all of which can turn from exciting to tedious in no time. 

If you feel your cabinets can run another 10 years and only their exterior needs to be changed; refacing is what you must consider. Refacing involves disassembling drawers and doors along with attached hinges, handles and peeling off the cabinet skin to replace it with brand new and attractive veneers. 

There are several benefits of refacing your kitchen cabinets. Three of them have been listed below: 

1] Affordable & Time-effective process

Refacing cabinets will save 50% of your expenses that you will have to spend on replacing cabinets otherwise. You can face lift your kitchen while keeping the layout intact at a pocket-friendly price. Not only is refacing cost-effective but is also time-effective. If you go for new cabinets; their installation can take about 5 to 14 days depending on size of your kitchen. Refacing, however, can be wrapped up within a day or 2. 

2] Prevents Wastage 

When you discard your old cabinets, they end up in landfills and can contribute to building up of hazardous wastes. With refacing, you are preventing wastage and getting a fresh kitchen without disposing or dumping off your old cabinets. Additionally; if you opt for refacing; you are not getting new cabinets made and are saving a tree from being chopped down. So refacing is a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative too. 

3] Easy process

Replacing cabinets is a challenging task. You might have to make adjustments in your schedules, select material, wait for cabinets to be ready, tolerate the drilling and installation sounds for a long duration. Refacing will be done before you know it since it’s an easy process. 

Now you can hire professionals like Armoires En Gros kitchen refacing; who will provide you with multitude of options and get your kitchen refaced most effectively. 

Lastly; the number of options available with veneers are endless. You can choose from an extensive array of colors, texture and patterns and have your kitchen look perfectly as you imagined!