Backyard Wasp Control

Every summer, wasps swarm parks, playgrounds, and other open areas, making it nearly impossible for people to use them. 

Thankfully, you do not have to resign yourself to spending the summer dodging wasp stings.  If you are allergic to wasp stings or want to get rid of the annoying fliers, the following are some tried-and-true methods. All wasps, from yellow jackets to hornets, can be dealt with using these methods. Getting help from pest control experts is important. The following are some suggestions for removing wasps from your yard:

  • Hang wasp traps 

Wasp traps are a typical and efficient method for eliminating wasps from your yard. The traps lure wasps with a special liquid. The wasps will become entangled in the trap and drown if they try to escape. Make sure to replace them often and hung far from any outdoor furniture or dining areas.

  • Spray the wasp nests.

Use commercially available wasp nest spray on any active nests you find near your home or property. Protective gear is recommended, and the nest should be sprayed late at night when the wasps are dormant, and the workers and the queen are present. Get a wasp spray that has a long nozzle so you can spray from a safe distance. If necessary, re-spray the nest several times over the course of a few days.

  • Make use of soap and water.

To avoid commercial insecticides, you can eliminate small wasp nests using soap and water. Use a spray bottle filled with water and two tablespoons of dish soap to get rid of the nests. The wasps’ breathing pores will be clogged and die instantaneously from the mixture.

  • Construct your own snares.

Cut off the top of a large soda bottle and fill the bottom with a few inches of soda. Make sure to add drops of dish liquid. Use it to create a homemade wasp trap. Turn the trap upside down, replace the top, and suspend it from a tree in your backyard.

  • Wasp Spray

Eliminate newly emerged wasps by using a wasp spray purchased from a store. When you spot a wasp, spray it with insecticide, applying it according to the product’s instructions.

  • Preventatively manage nesting sites.

You can spray the regions around the nests to prevent them from being used again. Wasp nesting places. You can use sprays from your local home or hardware shop is a good idea. This prevents the bird population from expanding.

Get Help From An Expert

Large wasp colonies outside are notoriously difficult to eradicate on your own.  Reach out to an expert now for prompt assistance.