Are you changing your home’s facade environment? You do not know what color to choose.

One of the most important parts of the exterior decoration of a house starts with painting, which is the first thing noticed on a facade, and quoting the old saying – the first impression is the one that stays. If you want to know how to choose exterior paint colors for your house, stay with us!

When choosing paint for the external environment, it is necessary to think about its durability since the external environment of the buildings will be exposed to the extreme weather changes – wind, sun, rain that over time can compromise the coverage of the painting. Factors such as dust, fungi, pollution also affect the work. Therefore, you must choose quality paint.

How to choose paint colors for exterior walls

Each person can have a different opinion. However, when it comes to exterior painting there are some tips that can help you choosing the best option.

The idea is to avoid very light tones: white, beige and ice. They are colors that get dirty very easily, quickly damaging the paint. Bold colors, shades of pinks and reds, tend to make people jittery, and you can get sick easily. Then opt for earthy, coppery, orange and yellow tones that are highly suitable for painting external facades, leaving them beautiful and pleasant. However, if the search is for a calm and soft environment, purples, blues and greens in their lighter tones can be a great option. Nude and gray colors can also be used when you want a modern and classy environment.

Paint colors for exterior walls and their meanings

Colors have the power to convey emotions, as each one has a different effect on the viewer’s brain, and this fact can be taken into account when choosing the color of paint for external walls.

  • Red – Passion, courage, strength, plenty, motivation, as it helps fight stress and lack of energy.
  • Yellow – Optimism, inspiration and faithfulness, as it is the color of the sun, activates communication and harmony of the whole.
  • Violet – Peace, intuition, respect, spirituality, as it represents mystery, expresses a sense of individuality and personality.
  • Orange – Enthusiasm, exuberance, grace, interaction, joy, it stimulates generosity and increase appetite.
  • Pink – Love, sweetness, happiness, tenderness – related to the heart, favors empathy.
  • Blue – Imagination, calm, serenity, relaxation, compassion – it conveys seriousness and tranquility.
  • Green – Harmony, health, nature, prosperity – it conveys peace, security and intelligence.
  • White: Purity, innocence, faith, honesty – it stimulates humility and creative imagination.
  • Black: Elegance, intelligence, sophistication – it is a color of power.

Can you mix paint colors for exterior walls?

Regardless of the chosen shade, you can choose to use two different types of colors – use one color for the walls and another from the same palette for windows and other details, the subtle contrast obtained in the final set makes the painting sophisticated and elegant. For a complete 3D view how your project will look like, you can use Foyr Neo 3D interior software. Numerous texture techniques can be applied in external areas, on walls, facades, balconies, walls or in small details of the painting.